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How often my Skoda needs to be serviced?

This will depend on your driving style and the service schedule you use.

Skoda offers two different service schedules: the fixed Inspection Service and the variable LongLife Service.

The conventional fixed Inspection Service schedule has fixed intervals for both the Oil-change Service and the Inspection Service, which are determined by time and distance (see table below).

With the variable LongLife Service schedule, the Inspection Service intervals are also fixed but the Oil-change Service intervals are variable. Sensors take account of driving style and conditions to determine when the Oil-change Service is required and the driver is informed via the on-board service interval display.



When a vehicle is frequently used in the following conditions, we recommend the vehicle is on a fixed schedule, regardless of mileage:

  • Uneconomical driving styles, i.e. heavy acceleration and braking, constant use of high revs
  • High engine loading conditions, i.e. frequent towing and hill climbs
  • When the engine mileage increased (e.g. more than 80.000 miles)

* As indicated by the service interval display. Mileages are approximate as the Service Indicator system uses kilometers as its distance measurement.

The choice of service schedule will depend on journey type and mileage as well as individual driving style and conditions. The table above can be used for guidance but your Autotech can help you to determine the most suitable Service schedule for you based on your individual circumstances and preferences. We can set your vehicle's service intervals from LongLife Service to Fixed Inspection Service for free of charge. Please ask Autotech staff if you require this service.

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