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Autotech Car Service is Authorised Installation and Repair Center for BRC, Versus, e-Gas, Europe Gas, NLP and Main U.K. Distributor of VERSUS LPG Systems. VERSUS LPG is approved brand by UKLPG and your vehicle will be entered in UKLPG National database. We are the only UKLPG approved LPG Convertor in Norwich.

AUTOTECH Car Service is Authorized Installation Center of :






  • Search UKLPG installer database and choose local UKLPG approved installer. You may need few trips to installer for setting system correctly and resolve installation issues.
  • Attracted by cheap prices and 1 day conversions? Think again. They are cheap for a reason and that is why none of them are UKLPG approved. It is not possible to convert a vehicle within a day with UKLPG standards.
  • Bear in mind that installer quality is far more important than brand of the LPG equipment. In fact well known brands are now using cheapest components and selling cheaper versions of their kits. So ask what you are getting. 

LPG Autogas Conversion Prices:

Conversion of Carburator Vehicles:              from £795

Single Point Lambda Controlled Vehicles:     from £975

4 Cyl Sequential Multipoint Injection Cars:  from £1,150

6 Cyl Sequential Multipoint Injection Cars:  from £1,300

8 Cyl Sequential Multipoint Injection Cars:  from £1,500

Those prices are exclusive of VAT.

All work is guaranteed for 12 months or 10,000 Miles manufacturer's warranty.

With the conversion you will get:

  • Best possible installation suit for your car according to LPGA Code of Practice 11.
  • Biggest LPG tank for your vehicle and UK bayonet type filler. No extra charge for different size of tanks.
  • Free LPGA Conversion Certificate for Insurance & DVLA Purposes (worth £85 + VAT)
  • Free Drivers Operation Manual and Service Booklet.
  • 12 Months Parts & Labour warranty.
  • Complimentary 1000 miles Service. (worth £65 + VAT)
  • Autogas / LPG Filling Stations Printed Map (worth £7.95)
  • Free 1 year membership for downloading Satnav POIs and LPG Prices (worth £7.95)

LPG currently costs £0.69 whereas Petrol costs £1.34. So there is a huge difference which you can start saving. Also many years experience shows us that once a customer converts his car into LPG Autogas, then they never touch Petrol again. They just simply come back for converting their next car.

We notice that "Proper LPG Autogas converted" vehicles can be sold than their equivalent Petrol rivals getting your money back that you spent for LPG Conversion.

A typical conversion takes about 2 - 3 Days depending on complexity of conversion. If any company claims that they can do it in 1 day, than it means there is no testing process and they are not doing proper LPG installation.

We also offer Diagnostic, Maintenance and Servicing to many different brands of LPG Equipments such as Versus, Zavolli, BRC, EuropeGas, Necam, Koltec, AG, AC, Bigas, Romano, OMVL, Tartarini, Landi Renzo, Autogas Italia, NLP, eGas, and Vauxhall, Volvo, Ford Factory Fitted LPG Systems and many others. If you are not sure what system is fitted to your car please contact us.

Please browse our website for selection of conversions we have done. Unfortunately we cannot photograph every conversion we do and put on the website but this section should give you some ideas about the work we do. If your car is not listed here than please feel free to contact us for information.

LPG Conversion Examples

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