LPG Conversion Benefits

About Autogas:

It's Greener, Cleaner and Cheaper LPG Autogas is by far the most widely available environmentally friendly alternative fuel with over 1400 refuelling sites throughout the UK, most of which are on petrol forecourts. Recent independent tests have also shown that LPG has the best environmental record compared with petrol and diesel.

Drivers and fleet operators save money each year by switching to LPG and this includes cars, vans and taxis whilst benefiting the environment. Driving an LPG vehicle is safe, easy and best of all, much cheaper than driving a petrol or diesel model.

Most petrol engines can be converted and there are currently around 17 million vehicles worldwide with over 10 million in Europe and over 160,000 in the UK running on LPG. They are producing less harmful emissions than those driving petrol or diesel, whilst making significant savings at the pumps.

In the UK, LPG costs around 50 pence per litre cheaper than petrol and diesel. Whilst the miles per gallon when running on LPG is usually around 20% less than petrol see how much money you can save by using our Savings Calculator available on  UKLPG Website (Regulating body for LPG in the UK).

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What is LPG ?

LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas is a natural hydrocarbon fuel made up of Butane and Propane, which when stored under pressure it becomes a dense liquid.

Summary of Benefits:

  • You will save 35 - 40% on fuel costs.
  • There will be Government initiatives (i.e. reduced taxes and charges, free use of some council operated car parks  etc. )
  • You'll be driving in a more environment-friendly way, the gain from the use of Autogas for vehicles are undeniable.
  • In contrast to diesel, cold starting is no problem, engine performance is similar to petrol.
  • Maintenance costs compared with diesel is much lower. 
  • No spilling when filling your tank and little possibility of theft or pilfering.
  • Engine noise and usual wear is reduced due to cleaner oil in the system and proper combustion.
  • LPG is better than petrol because it reaches the engine in gas form leading to improved combustion.
  • The ignition of Autogas is smoother as a result of the higher octane content. No additives are required to guarantee high quality.
  • The life of the engine is increased because of the absence of acids and carbon deposits.
  • Autogas contains no lead and is therefore cleaner.
  • Exhaust emissions contain less harmful substances when compared to petrol and diesel. (LPG produces 30% less Carbon Dioxide compared to Petrol and 45% less carbon Dioxide compared to Diesel, 60% less Carbon monoxide production)
  • The engine oil does not become diluted with a resulting drop in servicing costs.

LPG Conversion Examples

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