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Autotech Car Service is Authorised Installation and Repair Center for BRC, Versus, e-Gas, Europe Gas, NLP and Main U.K. Distributor of VERSUS LPG Systems. VERSUS LPG is approved brand by UKLPG and your vehicle will be entered in UKLPG National database. We are the only UKLPG approved LPG Convertor in Norwich.

AUTOTECH Car Service is Authorized Installation Center of :





Do you need LPG Service or LPG System Repair?

We are frequently asked by customers on the phone for the "servicing" prices for LPG system. We can happily provide fixed servicing prices for your LPG brand. But it frequently turns out that LPG system is malfunctioning and needs "repair" rather than just service. Please note that LPG System is complex piece of equipment and all LPG systems need servicing every 10.000 - 12.500 miles. Servicing is a "preventative" maintenance and usually don't  sort out any problems. If you have ignored servicing routines and your system starts malfunctioning than probably you need a bit more than just servicing. Off course you can hope it will be resolved by service and be positive, but obviously we cannot guarantee this will be the case.

If your LPG system is malfunctioning and you ignored service intervals (or you have just purchased the car and unsure of the history) we recommend you book for the LPG Diagnostic and fault finding. We charge appx. £120 + VAT for diagnosing and fault finding of generic LPG systems. (Generic system means aftermarket LPG conversions). Factory converted vehicles and some brands cost more. Please bear in mind that problem may be with the engine rather than LPG system. Therefore diagnosing related engine electronics may be necessary to find the fault which could be included in the LPG diagnostic fee. We sometimes use oscilloscope for testing and probing LPG components which may be included in the price as well. As you know by now that you are getting value for money. 

When we diagnose the system first thing we check is to make sure system have been serviced properly. If not than we advise you to replace filters etc.

Please remember, as a driver / owner of the vehicle more information and clues you provide will help us to find the problem quickly and efficiently means less cost to you. People usually thinks fault finding on LPG system is just plug into computer and computer will tell you which part to replace, which is not the case. Fault finding on LPG system requires extensive equipment, knowledge, information, skills and time.   

I have been few other garages and places for the fault and unable to repair, can you help?

Simple answer is Yes. In fact most of our repair work comes from other garages and LPG convertors unable to resolve issue. We frequently repair systems recently installed but always been faulty (especially 1 day LPG Conversions). Majority of customers head for their usual garages first, reading forums etc and try & exhausted all possibilities before coming to us. We enjoy resolving difficult matters and like challenges. (It is nice to know and proof that our knowledge is best amongst others). But on the other hand; very simple to find fault may become more than just one fault as every incompetent person touches the system breaks or interferes with different parts. Therefore more components to repair means more cost to customer. So it is always advisable to contact us in the first instance.

AUTOTECH Car Service have Diagnostic Equipment for Service and Repair following Brands:

We probably have largest diagnostic capability in the UK for different LPG conversion systems. Our huge investment for extensive diagnostic equipments and training gives us ability to service, diagnose and repair of many LPG brands including factory fitted Vauxhall, Koltec, Necam, and AG Systems.

If your LPG conversion equipment is not listed below, do not worry, We may still be able to help you. Just phone us on 01603 920 105 or 01603 920 373 to ask if we can help you. 




AC LPG systems





BIGAS Autogas Systems













NLP LPG Systems





PRINS Alternative Fuel Systems










AGIS LPG Systems











BRC Gas Equipment LPG Systems



E=GAS LPG Systems




EASY JET LPG Sequential LPG Systems




OMVL LPG Conversion Equipments



STARGAS Alternative Fuel Systems




STEFANELLI Autogas Equipment





TARTARINI Autogas Systems




ZAVOLI LPG conversion Systems





AG Autogas Systems (Including Factory Fitted Systems)




TELEFLEX GFI Autogas Control Systems



KOLTEC Autogas Systems (Including Vauxhall, Volvo and Volkswagen Factory Fitted Systems)




EUROGAS Autogas systems (Factory Fitted systems to many different brands)




NECAM Gas Systems (Factory Fitted to Vauxhall, Volkswagen and Volvo Vehicles)



LPG Conversion Examples

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