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Although we are approved installation center for few brands, we are also Sole UK Distributor of VERSUS LPG Systems. Therefore we are currently installing Versus Systems due to it's reliability, cost effectiveness and spare parts availability. Please read information below for further information.

VERSUS Sequential LPG Conversion Equipment:

VERSUS Sequential is the IV generation high quality system that fulfilling rigorous standards regarding fuel dosage and performance. Our design control algorithms of LPG injectors are based on control impulses for fuel injectors where real time corrections are calculated for every injector separately. In effect, using OBD emulators and elaborate mapping of LPG injectors, as it was in the case of older designs of controllers, is no longer necessary.

Advantages of VERSUS Sequential Gas Injection System:

  • Clear, simple, user friendly interface allowing for time efficient service.
  • New generation technology
  • Automatic Algorithms
  • Supply of the LPG - AIR mixture to the cylinders in the optimal phase of the engine cycle - corresponding with the cycle used by the injection of gasoline
  • Simplicity in service, configuration and diagnostics of the system
  • Compatibility with EOBD
  • Environment friendly - complies with exhaust emission standards EURO 2, EURO 3,  EURO 4,
  • Fully automatic operations including automated switching from LPG to petrol when the LPG tank is empty
  • Eliminates Backfire and possible consequential damage of intake manifolds, air filters and housing or flow meters.
  • Proved QUALITY

Under Bonnet Components, Tank and Filler Configuration:


The ECU is developed as the last version and especially shows the best performance with the group injection engines. The software has map sensor and automatic calibration. All the electronical particles in the ECU are made in Europe so they supplied from reliable companies.


It reduces the gas pressure to 1.15 bar and turns the LPG's high pressure into atmospheric pressure. By using the heat of the engine water, it converts the LPG into gas phase and provides the gas flow according to the need of the engine. It can be installed to most type of cars. The reducer is supplied with sensitive 1st stage reduction system that warrant stable pressure value in spite of pressure variation coming from the tank.

Thanks to its highly efficient two stage gas flow control system it ensures the most optimal Gas dosage in any drive conditions. This Reducer is equipped with a LPG shut off Valve to cut the flow of the LPG either the engine works with gasoline or it stopped. And also, it used to filter out the particles in the gas. 


One injector is used for each cylinder. The injectors are electromechanical devices they precisely control the LPG supply to be delivered to the engine.

Versus Kits usually comes with 1 X 4 Injector Rail for 4 Cylinder Vehicles, 2 X 3 Injector Rails for 6 Cylinder Vehicles and 2 X 4 Injector Rails fro 8 Cylinder Vehicles. If your requirement is different than please contact us for discussing your needs.




LPG Tanks  are made of high quality steel and have different shapes. The material of the tanks is composed with the high flow qualified 34 mm thickness of steel sheets and magnesium to get the best result. Both sides of the tank are stucked with a special steel process. This type of tanks are resistant to maximum 115 ATM pressure and are known as pressurized holders. They are strong enough to prevent any effect. It keeps the LPG in safe conditions. There are two types of the tanks, cylinder and spare tyre type. They have the European Standard of ECER. The inner pressure  of the tank is about 3-4 Bar.


There are quite few other components involve with LPG conversion such as LPG Switch, Shut off valves, Tank Valve, Water and LPG hoses, Copper Pipes, Clips etc.   

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